Clearing a Green Pool The first step in this process is to make sure you get your chlorine level up and keep it up until the water is clear. To do this, get your chlorine level up to 10 ppm, and check to make sure you do not have any phosphates, if so get rid of them using some type of phosphate remover. Make sure your pump is running and allow it to run non stop for at least 24 hours watching the pressure gauge and back washing when it climbs 5 psi or if you notice your returns are not pushing as mush water as normal. It may take several backwashes but if you keep your chlorine level up, your pool should clear in a few days. The Importance of an Enzyme It is very import to keep an enzyme and phosphate remover in your pool throughout the season. Phosphates are food for algae and without phosphates you are more likely to not get algae. An enzyme will help to reduce the amount of chlorine you use, because it will attack lotions and body oils which will tie up your chlorine. Backwashing Did you know that you can backwash too much? Yes, if you backwash your sand or DE filters too much it can lead to a cloudy pool. This is because the filter actually uses some dirt to help filter your pool water. When you continue to backwash the filter and the pool doesn’t need it then it will cause your pool to become cloudy. So only backwash your pool at most once a week or unless you see the pressure rise on your filter 5psi or more.